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Nordigi - We make Internet of Things

Nordigi AS is now in the run-up phase of Nordigi Datalogger. Nordigi Datalogger is a physically small BLE IoT device, a sensor module with the ability to measure and extract data on humidity, water detection, ambient temperature, brightness and vibration. Nordigi Datalogger is battery powered and communicates over BLE.

Data logging
With Nordigi Datalogger you have the ability to log historical data (trend) for extended periods of time where, for example, where there is no access to power or network. Real-time values and historical data are easily retrieved when needed with an app on the mobile phone, or with translation from BLE to WiFi with the Nordigi Nexus Multinode for monitoring through the Nordigi Mobility Cloud Service.

Opportunity of real time values with alarm.
Real time monitoring is performed using Nordigi Nexus Multinode as the gateway from the Datalogger to our servers. Using our mobile interface in the Nordigi Mobility Cloud Service, you can easily read both instantaneous and historical data (trend) with different screen selections of selected time periods. In addition, you can set thresholds and forward alarms as notification by SMS, email and twitter.

Innovation Project.
Nordigi Datalogger will be used in a concrete project in cooperation with Agrippa AS. This is an innovation project part-financed by Innovation Norway through NCE / Electronic Coast.